Oaktown Indie Mayhem is an entertainment booking, promotions, and production company based out of Oakland, Ca. Our intention is to help striving local & independent artists by offering a venue for them to express themselves through music, dance, film, graphic arts and more!
OIM is the official booking partner for Awaken Cafe and The Legionnaire, as well as booking one off shows at various other small to mid sized venues. OIM also books interdisciplinary art shows and parties around the East Bay at various warehouses, galleries, & diy spaces. OIM has evolved to offer more than arts & entertainment events. Check out our services pages to find out more about how we can help you or your company thrive.

Ssquar’d- Owner/Creative Coordinator


Sarah Sexton is the owner of Oaktown Indie Mayhem Productions, Co-Owner of OIM Records, Co-Founder of the (now defunct) Mayhem Festival, and Music Booker for Awaken Cafe, The Legionnaire, and various other venues, street fests, music crawls, and music festivals throughout the east bay area. When she’s not starting record labels or booking shows, she’s off causing trouble, trying not to get caught, and never saying sorry. Get it Kitty.

Hit me up on twitter @HellaOIM or here on FB.


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Friends of OIM

Oakland is the most awesome city and our love for her is grand. So our support goes out to all the local small businesses and communities within it, but again, we would like to give a special thanks to a few folks that have been a great support for us. Big ups to you guys, we love you!

OIM Records
Awaken Cafe
The Legionnaiare
Oakland Drops Beats


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