Antique Naked Soul, Album Release 10/26

October 18, 2013  |  Featured, Featured Artists

If you don’t know the Oakland based group, Antique Naked Soul, this is your chance to get in on the ground floor before those ground floor tickets make a size-able dent in your pocket book. These cats are on their way to the big time and handing out blessings every step of the way, so you best not miss out. Set to release their debut self titled album on 10.26.13 this is an all vocal ensemble featuring world renowned beat boxer Tommy Shepherd that will incite a double take when you realize they are making all of their own beats on the spot before your very eyes. Embodying the city they currently call home, Antique Naked Soul offers up lyricism with depth about socially relevant issues, while also able to take a comedic & lighthearted stance at times. Now do yourself a favor, while also supporting your local striving musicians, and check out their music below, and by keeping a tab on them as they make their rounds at festivals and events around the bay. Antique Naked Soul isn’t just a passing phase, but rather transcend time as we know it…
Here is a video of Antiques’ Solo Set to give ya a taste of those tasty vocals:



twitter: @antiquenaked

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