Art of Skinner proven to kill intestinal parasites…

June 17, 2014  |  Featured

Hardly your ordinary artist, this eccentric sir is a one of a kind, bonified, wierd mothafucka. In fact, if there were ever an artist that could all-in-one achieve the beauty of either entertaining or horrifying a child with the same creation, yes, it is the Art of Skinner. Featured in internationally acclaimed art publications such as Juxtapose and Hi-Fructose, Skinner has no doubt made his mark on the art world. He has also managed to do so in the music world via epic album covers for fellow metal heads, Mastodon.

Working in a range of mediums such as spray paint, acrylic, and airbrush, he has amassed a wealth of work both on the walls and on the canvas around the world. Several of his murals can be seen here in Oakland in fact where he currently calls home. You can take a peak for yourself if you mosey on over to 24th and Mandela in the West O, where you’ll find a ginormous wall of monsters painted with fellow artists Ernest Doty + Griffin One.

Seemingly inspired by things that go bump in the night, expect lots of monsters, plenty of neon colors, and all the gore your little ol’ metal kid heart could desire. Not an art collector? All good. Skinner has managed to bridge the gap between art and the common man by painting miniature toys to indulge your inner child. He also features an ever growing catalogue of design work that you can enjoy as a tee, sweater, and/or prints which you can find here at his site Critical Hit.  And if all this freakish fun wasn’t enough, don’t worry, you can definitely expect more to come from this metal loving, guitar riffing, monster drawing, paint flinging Oakland artist.







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