bAd bAd release video for “Cacahuetes”

January 6, 2016  |  Featured

Typical bad kid situation. A handful of mad hatters find their way to the absinthe party, get stalked by a bloody ogre in the process, and proceed to wreak havoc on the suburbs of Grass Valley. Who hasn’t been there before right? WRONG. This is not normal behavior. In fact, if you care for your innocence and decency, do yourself a favor and turn around and walk away. Close the computer and take a shower, to cleanse yourself of these bAd bAd kid vibes. BUT, you would surely be missing out on something far better than decency or innocence.

Behind this wonderfully psychedelic video directed by Charles Schneider (all on a Samsung Smart Phone!) is a song about letting go, and finding a way to accept the madness that is you – all with a california style, tropical-esque vibe that says “I’m light hearted, can’t you tell” attitude. Well we really like this dizzying parallel universe the bois have created, so take a min to check out their video for Cacahuetes, mosey on over to their live show at The Knockout next week (details below), and then stay tuned for their impending Ep to be released sometime soon in Summer 2016.

Upcoming show: January 26th @ The Knockout

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