Vocalist from King Woman releases solo 'Miserable' LP

Vocalist from King Woman releases solo ‘Miserable’ LP

April 28, 2016  |  Featured  |  No Comments

So I’ve been a bit obsessed with this bay area artist since I first heard the ‘Doubt’ EP she put out with her band King Woman in 2014. Well now I have a new project to swoon over. Today Kristina Esfandiari released ‘Uncontrollable’ via The Native Sound Records, her first full length under her solo project entitled Miserable. Lured in by her wayyyy droney vocals, ethereal instrumentals, and dark lyricism, I’m finding a home in this LP right away. Check it out for yourself though, and if you like what you hear, head on over to her bandcamp page HERE and order a copy of the vinyl before it sells out. That’s right, it was just released and is already nearly sold out…and they say people don’t buy music anymore. Xo.



St. Tropez release new cover of Wild Belle's

St. Tropez release new cover of Wild Belle’s “Keep You”

March 27, 2016  |  Featured  |  No Comments

Oakland band St Tropez just dropped their take on Wild Belle’s “Keep You”. While remaining true to the original’s dubby aesthetic, St Tropez’s version trades reggae skanks for sweeping synths and reverbed guitar arpeggios. Longtime backing vocalist Lalin St Juste steps into the lead vocal role with a performance that takes the original even deeper into island territory. “Keep You” is the first of two singles we’ll be releasing in advance of an upcoming 5 song EP.

St Tropez makes bittersweet indie rock from their home studio in Oakland, CA. With a shared love of 60’s folk, old school dub, and classic Afrobeat, band members Sanjay Vora, Lalin St Juste, Aki Ehara and Jeremy Fisch formed the band in 2012. The result is nostalgic indie pop injected with a unique sense of rhythm and bathed in dense atmosphere. The band’s debut self-titled full length is available now. Watch for their 5 song EP coming soon.



Mount Saint Elias release 'This Was Supposed to Be Easier' EP

Mount Saint Elias release ‘This Was Supposed to Be Easier’ EP

January 7, 2016  |  Featured  |  No Comments

Debuting their sophomore Ep ‘This Was Supposed to be Easier’ this past December, Bay Area folk ensemble Mount Saint Elias have continued their path of stunning Americana-esque folk-rock that abound with emotional three part vocal harmonies from Joey Coe, Tatyana Schmid, and Matteo Lovik, atop the bass lines of Jordan Stern, and percussive staple of Luna Fuentes.

Featuring nomadic-flavored songwriting that explores venturing into your far off past, traveling the world so long you find yourself a ghost at home, and all the way down the rabbit hole to The Ballad of Floyd Collins, a sad tale of an unrealized dream, this is an Ep that speaks to the depth of their passion for storytelling. Offering up a range of sweet & soulful acoustic renderings, alongside some more upbeat dance tunes, this is definitely worth a listen, but keep an out for their live shows too, as they are certainly a force to be reckoned with on the stage, not just in the studio.

Stream or purchase the Ep on BANDCAMP




bAd bAd release video for

bAd bAd release video for “Cacahuetes”

January 6, 2016  |  Featured  |  No Comments

Typical bad kid situation. A handful of mad hatters find their way to the absinthe party, get stalked by a bloody ogre in the process, and proceed to wreak havoc on the suburbs of Grass Valley. Who hasn’t been there before right? WRONG. This is not normal behavior. In fact, if you care for your innocence and decency, do yourself a favor and turn around and walk away. Close the computer and take a shower, to cleanse yourself of these bAd bAd kid vibes. BUT, you would surely be missing out on something far better than decency or innocence.

Behind this wonderfully psychedelic video directed by Charles Schneider (all on a Samsung Smart Phone!) is a song about letting go, and finding a way to accept the madness that is you – all with a california style, tropical-esque vibe that says “I’m light hearted, can’t you tell” attitude. Well we really like this dizzying parallel universe the bois have created, so take a min to check out their video for Cacahuetes, mosey on over to their live show at The Knockout next week (details below), and then stay tuned for their impending Ep to be released sometime soon in Summer 2016.

Upcoming show: January 26th @ The Knockout

bAd bAd Guitar Tilden

bb BFF show


Gone Too Far (Premier) by Spooky Mansion

Gone Too Far (Premier) by Spooky Mansion

December 17, 2015  |  Featured  |  No Comments

Nothing makes me crawl out of bed in the morning without cursing the world into oblivion like a tasty lick of rock n roll. Well lucky for me, Spooky Mansion graced my inbox with their new single ‘Gone Too Far’ off their upcoming Ep, to be released by Wave Dweller Records on January 8th. Featuring a groovy bass line and drums, and snagging bonus points for the mega creepy, yet beautifully ethereal guitar bits that are like a haunted church organ playing itself in an abandoned hall to a mass of soulless followers – yeah like that – and vocals that at times put you to ease with their caress, just to shock your nervous system back to reality with his screaming dramatics, it’s a rad friggin track.

Full of fruitful  juxtaposition, ‘Gone Too Far’ is sure to land on repeat for a few rounds as you decipher what it is they want from you, and more so, what you are willing to give up, for a few more morsels. When singer Grayson Converse wails about sleepless nights and the sorrow of the unseen, its like “Pale light breaking through cracks in the ceiling and a man in a dirty suit pulling out his hair and slamming his fists against the walls.” With that being said, do yourself a favor and just hit play, and then check out one of their residency release parties in Sf next month, you shant regret it. Details below.

Spooky Mansion will be releasing their EP in January 2016 with a three night residency in San Francisco – January 8th, 15th, and 30th. Each night they will be joined by two rockin’ San Francisco bands. Some include, O (FKA Black Cobra Vipers), Hot Flash Heat Wave, Talk of Shamans, Tino Drima and Summer Peaks. Their first two shows will be at Amnesia and the last show will be held at Make Out Room.


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