Foxtails Brigade covers 'Book of Right On'

Foxtails Brigade covers ‘Book of Right On’

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Bay Area chamber pop quintet, Foxtails Brigade, recently released a cover of ‘Book of Right On’ from Joanna Newsoms’ 2004 debut album ‘The Milk Eyed Mender’. Now, many Newsom loyalists might cringe at the idea of someone covering this classic tune, but I beg to differ. Although I would definitely consider myself a rabid Newsom fan, I’m just as vehemently not a purist. So I find myself inclined to indulge in every reiteration of my favorite songs out there, because at times there is something just as powerful in those covers as the original. So easy it is to forget that these songs we cherish as though they were our own, because they carried us through hard times or sparked something special we hadn’t felt before, once belonged in the deepest parts of these artists beings.

The real psychedelic trip begins with me though, in what these songs morph into as they take on another life through new artists. And so I wonder, how much of these covers are the embodiment of their love for the artist vs their obsession with the feelings manifested from the song? And if its the song…where did it take them? What moment in their emotional memory does this song strike, to warrant swallowing the song whole and rebirthing it as though it was always meant to be theirs. As though the songwriter knew it was destined to land at your feet and be consumed on your time, in your style, with your feelings. To me, a cover can pay the ultimate respect or hurl the cruelest insult. Foxtails Brigade, without spoiling any surprises, delivers this song with such tasteful finesse while incorporating their own distinct musical surrealism, that it could be none other than a compliment.

Check out the track below though, and make your own decision. If you dig it, come on out Nov 21st to Awaken Cafe to see them perform alongside Be Calm Honcho. Tix available for purchase HERE. And keep your eyes on for more information on their upcoming Lp to be released in 2016 on OIM Records.

– Sarah Sexton


The Tet Holiday:

The Tet Holiday: “Make-Believer”

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The Tet Holiday!  My gosh they’re handsome.  The Tet Holiday is an awesome rock band from the East Bay, and they’re putting out their debut album “Statues” next year.  “Make-Believer”, the second single off the album, comes out this Friday.  They’ve got a lyric video for the song, check it out:

It’s catchy, it’s rockin’, and it’s set to ridiculous, slap-happy telenova scenes.  It makes me think of Mikal Cronin, The Replacements, and Japandroids.  Check them out this Monday (November 2nd) at Bottom of the Hill with Dilly Dally!  They’ll be playing with their new drummer Brandon Farmer.  Also, in case you missed it, here’s the lyric video for their earlier single “By the Throat, By the Heart”:

Tet Holiday Fresno

OIM Presents: A Femme Fatale Triple Threat - Nov 20th!

OIM Presents: A Femme Fatale Triple Threat – Nov 20th!

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We got a triple hitter for you feat. 3 power house femme fatales! Lila Rose, YASSOU, + There’s Talk all in one night at one very special venue! We’ll be in no short supply of rad reasons to party as we come together to celebrate the Ep Release for Yassou, as well as a single release for There’s Talk. And Lila Rose will bring out her full on, multimedia theatrical performance to share for their last Bay Area show of the year!

Nov 20th at Starline Social Club
Doors 8pm, Show at 9pm *SHARP*
$10 adv / $12 dos

Adv Tix HERE ==>>> NOV 20th TIX

Lila Rose:
Armed with a distinctive voice and a compassionate understanding of the world around her, Canadian born, California based singer/songwriter/producer Lila Rose, writes songs whose sweeping musical vision and aesthetic beauty is matched only by the depth of her poetry. Her music has been compared to a merging of sounds including Bjork, Radiohead, and The Cranberries and has been coined as “cinematic indie-rock”. Voted bay areas best musician in 2014, Lila is known not only for her unique sound, but also for her cutting edge visuals which take the form of music videos, and photography. WE.ANIMALS. is her newly released, second full length album, and is a bridge between the worlds she cares most about- music, and the interconnectedness of all life. for more.

Formed in upstate New York, now based in San Francisco, Yassou is a four piece rock band that makes tightly composed pop music with integrity. Though they employ unconventional song structures and shifting time signatures, they are not afraid to play music that is bold, emotional, and immediate.

There’s Talk:
There’s Talk began as the solo project of Olivia Lee. The debut EP, Tiny Strands, bridges hushed folk and expansive electronic sounds. Adapting the album with the addition of Kellen Balla (programming, guitar, vocals) and Young Lee (guitars, vocals), the band integrates effected atmospheres and reverb drenched walls of sound. The full band is recording their sophomore effort due for release in Spring of 2016.

Oakland Venue Crawl

Oakland Venue Crawl

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Last Saturday Oct 3rd, I tried to go to as many venues in Oakland as I could in one night.  Of course, if you include every venue, art gallery, DIY space, and house show in town, that’s gonna be one long night.  So I kept it to Awaken Cafe, The Golden Bull, Cafe Van Kleef (rest in peace Peter), Woods, The Legionnaire, The Stork Club, The Night Light, and the Oakland Metro.  Mostly within walking distance, you could definitely do this yourself on some future weekend!  By no means exhaustive, I did get a good cross section of the music going on around the Bay.

I started at Awaken Cafe, and caught the first band Parlor Tricks around 8pm.  A self styled industrial ragtime band, they pulled you back to early rock and roll with aplomb.  I spoke with singer Melina, and she mentioned that they often do a lot of covers, and it was one of their first sets doing mostly original stuff.

After them, I moseyed on over to The Golden Bull to check out Bitch Fest, a metal benefit for Bay Area Young Survivors (e.g. young women in the Bay Area who are living with breast cancer).  They were between bands though, so I hopped over to Cafe Van Kleef, only to find the same situation. Then I passed by Woods, Legionnaire, and the Stork Club, all of whom said that music would start at 9:30pm.  I killed some time downing a beer and listening to the downstairs dj at The Legionnaire, a staple spot when looking for free, rad music (check out Motown on Mondays at 9pm!).

When I got there Triptonikhan was spinning.  I don’t pretend to be an expert, but it was a good vibe, and it seemed like his approach was really playful and adventurous.  Tasty drops for sure.  It was fun, and I chatted with the sound woman Valerie for a while about her groups AJA Vision and Between Youth.  I’ve played there with various bands, and she always makes it sound great.

I checked in again at The Stork Club, but they were between bands again, so I headed back down Telegraph.  Van Kleef’s had a killer funk jazz band going, and their shows are always *free*, so of course I popped in!  The band was called The M-Tet, and they rocked my world with their super talented players with serious chops. They of course brought down the house, as only can be done at Van Kleef’s, and the band has got some new stuff coming out on vinyl soon, so take a listen and then go catch a show sometime.

Woods Bar & Brewery usually has a jazz combo on Saturday nights, so when I backtracked I was happy to see them up in the loft.  If you’re ever just inside and you hear jazz start up, you could mistake it for an old album.  They’re usually leaning into some energetic post-bop, and they’re killer players.  I don’t actually know anything about them, and I kind of like it that way, but I’d also like to support them.  Who are you???

It was about 10:45 when I left Woods, and it looked like The Fox had just let out, because the streets were packed.  I went back to Awaken, but the last band had just finished, so I went on down to The Golden Bull.

Kinnefret was playing, a melodic death trash metal band.  They rocked, and they rocked hard.  I spoke with drummer Aryan Pakkhoo afterwards, and he talked about trying to make every show intimate and unique.  The Golden Bull is perfect for that, with it’s low stage and killer sound.  Kinnefret is crazy versatile, with lead vocals from Chelsea Rocha, backup vocals and lead guitar from Artak Ozan, and bass comin’ from Arses Ariamanesh.  Definitely a great way to support an amazing cause, and so kudos to the bands, organizers, and venue for Bitch Fest!

After that I got hungry, and so of course, went down to the Home of Chicken and Waffles.

The Night Light is another place with awesome music both downstairs and upstairs.  When I made it up to the venue, it was a fuckin hurricane of noise.  Not LIKE a hurricane, but a serious ass, in your face hurricane.  Cost/Worth was playing, an electronic noise duo that I can’t find much info about.  It was intense, and coming in the middle of it I don’t think I got the full experience.  For me, music like that is all about the subtle gestures, the textural evolution over time, and so I definitely wish I had gotten there sooner! But definitely a venue worth staying tuned to their calendar as they support rad music across genres. All towns need a spot where they can walk into a hurricane of noise and feel at home!

At this point, it was about 12:30am, and I got to the Oakland Metro just in time to miss Portland Oregon’s Toxic Holocaust.  For those keeping score, that means I missed The Stork Club show and the Oakland Metro show.  I’ll get it next time, but man does it really takes some strategy, so go into YOUR music crawl prepared for who you do NOT want to miss.  All in all I was pretty stoked though. I got to see folk, funk, jazz, electronica, metal, and noise all in one night, and that was just the tip of the iceberg for Oakland. What will your music crawl look like? We’d love to know. Contact us with your guide to Oakland music at

– Michael Bang

Awesome September Concerts!

Awesome September Concerts!

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Hey Oaklanders, East Bayers, San Franciscans, and visitors!  Looking for shows to check out this month?  Here’s a few that we think you’ll really enjoy.

The Seshen’s Love, Oakland Residency at Leo’s – One of our favorite bands The Seshen started their month long residency at Leo’s Music Club last week, and they’re continuing tomorrow night (Tuesday 9/15) with support from Naima Shalhoub.  Get your tickets here.  They’ll be hitting every Tuesday this month, check it out!

Blisses B with Fleeting Trance and Midnight Thieves at Awaken Cafe – Come get rowdy with us to the tune of good ol’ bay area indie rock glory. Featuring the slightly psychedelic pop rock of Blisses B, the malleable and versatile stylings of Fleeting Trance, and the upbeat summer tunes of Midnight Thieves there’ll be a little something for everyone.  Friday 9/18 at Awaken Cafe!

An Evening of Music by Michael Bang (thats me!) at Zughaus Gallery – Yup, I’m putting on a FREE show of that music at Zughaus Gallery in Berkeley.  It’s going to be eclectic!  There’s a classical piece I wrote for string trio and electric guitar, a chamber folk group that I lead, and a garage rock band I’m in called Veins.  Zughaus is on 3rd street off of Gilman in Berkeley, which is literally the train tracks.  DO NOT DRIVE ON THE TRAIN TRACKS.  Park at the Gilman Grill, or on 4th street, walk towards the freeway, and go left after you’ve crossed the tracks.  You’ll be walking on gravel, and the gallery is the first building on your right.  Saturday 9/19 at 8pm at Zughaus Gallery.

Wicked Man, Feed Me Jack, and Vesper Sails at Leo’s – Leo’s always has a killer calendar of shows set up, which is why they’re already on this list twice.  A night of genre bending indie experiments and jazz pop awaits from these energetic bands!  Wednesday September 23rd at Leo’s.

Beejus, Anthony Dragons, Tia Nomore, Oops, and Legendvry at The Legionnaire – One of the best things about the bay is the totally lush, diverse, and engaging hip hop scene that continues to uplift from around the bay. So come on out to The Legionnaire for a dope lineup of emcees featuring Beejus, Anthony Dragons, Tia Nomore, Oops, and Legendvry on the mic.  Thursday 9/24 upstairs at The Legionnaire.