Foxtails Brigade covers ‘Book of Right On’

November 10, 2015  |  Featured

Bay Area chamber pop quintet, Foxtails Brigade, recently released a cover of ‘Book of Right On’ from Joanna Newsoms’ 2004 debut album ‘The Milk Eyed Mender’. Now, many Newsom loyalists might cringe at the idea of someone covering this classic tune, but I beg to differ. Although I would definitely consider myself a rabid Newsom fan, I’m just as vehemently not a purist. So I find myself inclined to indulge in every reiteration of my favorite songs out there, because at times there is something just as powerful in those covers as the original. So easy it is to forget that these songs we cherish as though they were our own, because they carried us through hard times or sparked something special we hadn’t felt before, once belonged in the deepest parts of these artists beings.

The real psychedelic trip begins with me though, in what these songs morph into as they take on another life through new artists. And so I wonder, how much of these covers are the embodiment of their love for the artist vs their obsession with the feelings manifested from the song? And if its the song…where did it take them? What moment in their emotional memory does this song strike, to warrant swallowing the song whole and rebirthing it as though it was always meant to be theirs. As though the songwriter knew it was destined to land at your feet and be consumed on your time, in your style, with your feelings. To me, a cover can pay the ultimate respect or hurl the cruelest insult. Foxtails Brigade, without spoiling any surprises, delivers this song with such tasteful finesse while incorporating their own distinct musical surrealism, that it could be none other than a compliment.

Check out the track below though, and make your own decision. If you dig it, come on out Nov 21st to Awaken Cafe to see them perform alongside Be Calm Honcho. Tix available for purchase HERE. And keep your eyes on for more information on their upcoming Lp to be released in 2016 on OIM Records.

– Sarah Sexton


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