Gone Too Far (Premier) by Spooky Mansion

December 17, 2015  |  Featured

Nothing makes me crawl out of bed in the morning without cursing the world into oblivion like a tasty lick of rock n roll. Well lucky for me, Spooky Mansion graced my inbox with their new single ‘Gone Too Far’ off their upcoming Ep, to be released by Wave Dweller Records on January 8th. Featuring a groovy bass line and drums, and snagging bonus points for the mega creepy, yet beautifully ethereal guitar bits that are like a haunted church organ playing itself in an abandoned hall to a mass of soulless followers – yeah like that – and vocals that at times put you to ease with their caress, just to shock your nervous system back to reality with his screaming dramatics, it’s a rad friggin track.

Full of fruitful  juxtaposition, ‘Gone Too Far’ is sure to land on repeat for a few rounds as you decipher what it is they want from you, and more so, what you are willing to give up, for a few more morsels. When singer Grayson Converse wails about sleepless nights and the sorrow of the unseen, its like “Pale light breaking through cracks in the ceiling and a man in a dirty suit pulling out his hair and slamming his fists against the walls.” With that being said, do yourself a favor and just hit play, and then check out one of their residency release parties in Sf next month, you shant regret it. Details below.

Spooky Mansion will be releasing their EP in January 2016 with a three night residency in San Francisco – January 8th, 15th, and 30th. Each night they will be joined by two rockin’ San Francisco bands. Some include, O (FKA Black Cobra Vipers), Hot Flash Heat Wave, Talk of Shamans, Tino Drima and Summer Peaks. Their first two shows will be at Amnesia and the last show will be held at Make Out Room.


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