Light Thieves, Spirit Roams Cali Tour 2013

Light Thieves, Spirit Roams Cali Tour 2013

September 25, 2013  |  Featured, Featured Artists

Its insane how many musicians there are out in the world. Just within my metropolis I am constantly finding new and amazing musicians & musical communities all the time…but among them all, few will achieve “rockstar status”. It takes more than talent, it also takes an image and hella perseverence. Cue Light Thieves. These crazy kids are young, full of energy & determined to rock the fuck out of your city. Offering up spacey psych rock with an electro pop feel, you could boogie, or you could just sit back and let your mind soak up all the groovy melodies. A new fav of mine, and you can get you some here. Also you can see them live at The Stork Club in Oakland on Oct 6th. More info here.


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