Major Powers are makin' Major Moves...

Major Powers are makin’ Major Moves…

November 25, 2013  |  Featured, Featured Artists

Self proclaimed adventure rockers, Major Powers & The Lo-Fi Symphony seem to be able to spark a sense of both youthful optimism and complete rebellion in those that have found themselves victim to a case of…how shall I say…’boring as fuck’ adulthood. In other words, if you’re sick of meeting deadlines, would prefer to have a few too many drinks & wake up on the lawn, and/or find yourself fantasizing about burning down the office just to get a 3 day weekend, you would be doing yourself and all of humankind a favor by turning your laptop off, your headphones on, and rocking the fuck out to a bay area trio ready to dose you full of sunshine with their high energy tunes. Not sure you believe me?? Thats ok, come see for yourself at The Legionnaire in Oakland on Nov. 30th for their next east bay show, where they’ll be ready to battle you to the death…err..ugh…make some awesome music for you! And as an added bonus, they will be sharing the stage with the insanely amazing SF based band, BATTLEHOOCH! Come ready for a damn good time.
Doors  at 8pm, show at 9pm. $7 to make ya holla.




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