Mount Saint Elias release ‘This Was Supposed to Be Easier’ EP

January 7, 2016  |  Featured

Debuting their sophomore Ep ‘This Was Supposed to be Easier’ this past December, Bay Area folk ensemble Mount Saint Elias have continued their path of stunning Americana-esque folk-rock that abound with emotional three part vocal harmonies from Joey Coe, Tatyana Schmid, and Matteo Lovik, atop the bass lines of Jordan Stern, and percussive staple of Luna Fuentes.

Featuring nomadic-flavored songwriting that explores venturing into your far off past, traveling the world so long you find yourself a ghost at home, and all the way down the rabbit hole to The Ballad of Floyd Collins, a sad tale of an unrealized dream, this is an Ep that speaks to the depth of their passion for storytelling. Offering up a range of sweet & soulful acoustic renderings, alongside some more upbeat dance tunes, this is definitely worth a listen, but keep an out for their live shows too, as they are certainly a force to be reckoned with on the stage, not just in the studio.

Stream or purchase the Ep on BANDCAMP




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