Sample Whiskerman track from upcoming compilation – Oakland Grit: Vol. I

July 19, 2014  |  Featured

Alright peeps, check out the very first fully mastered track off our upcoming compilation Oakland Grit: Vol I. Entitled Paradise, this is an unreleased track from Whiskerman, based out of Oakland, CA. Now turn those speakers up real loud kiddos, and enjoy!

More on Oakland Grit: Vol I
We are a group of industry folks that LOVE Oakland music. We love Oakland music so much that we decided to create a compilation of Oakland bands and artists that comprise even just a small handful of the extreme talent, self-expression, and vibrancy the city’s long musical history has been breeding and bleeding for more than a century. The artists included in Volume I represent a wide range of genres, musical spheres, and musical roots, but are all strung along the common thread of developing their sounds and careers around Thee Town.

Represented on this compilation is a bizarre medley of jazzy afro-pop, electronic madness spawning from troublemaking non-market collective, to the queens of electro indie rock fusion of Lila Rose and Yassou Benedict, to the soulful bluesy rock and roll of bands like Whiskerman and B. Hamilton, all the way to the Afro-diasporic-soul of Oakland icon Jennifer Johns. And so much in between.

The purpose of such a wide spanning lineup is to connect a few of the dots in this momentous time in Oaklands’ music scene, and assist in providing these talented groups and artists a platform to cross-pollinate, reach out to new audiences, and make these sounds heard by the world at large.

The uniqueness of the Oakland Grit: Vol. I Compilation lies in the fact that this wide range of 13 bands and musicians recorded each track in the same room, in the same Summer of 2014, with producer and engineer Jeff Saltzman. Behind the scenes organizing and curating the compilation is OIM Founder Ssquared, and newly established ODB music crawl founder Angelica Tavella.

More on Jeff Saltzman:
Jeff started as an entertainment manager, managing Green Day and other bands, then switched to producing and did the Killer’s Hot Fuss and a number of records since. He recently moved his gear into Skyline Studios where the comp is being recorded. He loves it when you rock the fuck out to his projects. 

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