St. Tropez release new cover of Wild Belle’s “Keep You”

March 27, 2016  |  Featured

Oakland band St Tropez just dropped their take on Wild Belle’s “Keep You”. While remaining true to the original’s dubby aesthetic, St Tropez’s version trades reggae skanks for sweeping synths and reverbed guitar arpeggios. Longtime backing vocalist Lalin St Juste steps into the lead vocal role with a performance that takes the original even deeper into island territory. “Keep You” is the first of two singles we’ll be releasing in advance of an upcoming 5 song EP.

St Tropez makes bittersweet indie rock from their home studio in Oakland, CA. With a shared love of 60’s folk, old school dub, and classic Afrobeat, band members Sanjay Vora, Lalin St Juste, Aki Ehara and Jeremy Fisch formed the band in 2012. The result is nostalgic indie pop injected with a unique sense of rhythm and bathed in dense atmosphere. The band’s debut self-titled full length is available now. Watch for their 5 song EP coming soon.



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