Vocalist from King Woman releases solo 'Miserable' LP

Vocalist from King Woman releases solo ‘Miserable’ LP

April 28, 2016  |  Featured

So I’ve been a bit obsessed with this bay area artist since I first heard the ‘Doubt’ EP she put out with her band King Woman in 2014. Well now I have a new project to swoon over. Today Kristina Esfandiari released ‘Uncontrollable’ via The Native Sound Records, her first full length under her solo project entitled Miserable. Lured in by her wayyyy droney vocals, ethereal instrumentals, and dark¬†lyricism, I’m finding a home in this LP right away. Check it out for yourself though, and if you like what you hear, head on over to her bandcamp page HERE and order a copy of the vinyl before it sells out. That’s right, it was just released and is already nearly sold out…and they say people don’t buy music anymore. Xo.



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