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OIM and Oakland Local paired up to bring you The Studio Series. Here is Ragana performing ‘Tired’ with Shipwreck Studios’ Jonah Strauss at The Church of Divine Illumination.

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Artist Spotlight:  John Vanderslice

Artist Spotlight: John Vanderslice

John Vanderslice is a mover and a shaker, and a Bay Area music maker.  He's put out ten full lengths... more

Jordannah Elizabeth Premier:  Borders

Jordannah Elizabeth Premier: Borders

  This week at the Oaktown Indie Mayhem blog we are premiering the release "Borders", from Bay Area artist Jordannah Elizabeth. ... more

Feed Me Jack Release

Feed Me Jack Release “Covers” EP

Feed Me Jack is an indie band that formed in Santa Cruz, but now calls Oakland home sweet home.  Musically... more

OIM:  Vol. I Available Now!

OIM: Vol. I Available Now!

As you may know, Oaktown Indie Mayhem's own Sarah Sexton started OIM Records, a label for the wonderful artists she... more

Summer with Hot Flash Heat Wave

Summer with Hot Flash Heat Wave

It felt like Summer really kicked in this week, and there's nobody better to bring it in than Hot Flash... more

Emily Afton Rocks and Pops

Emily Afton Rocks and Pops

Have you heard? Sarah Sexton's OIM Records has put together a compilation of Bay Area artists to be released on June 23rd... more